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Sing OUR anthem

Current Date: 30/8/2016
So... recently some friends have discovered my old blog. I was considering taking it down for fear of people re-reading my cringe-worthy posts. Scrolling through however, it reminded me of the me I was, and it helped me see the me I am now from a unique perspective. So I've decided to let it stay up.

Interestingly, I found an unpublished blog post from 3 years back. It seemed fitting with the season as well, so why not? Here goes my post from the past unedited.
There might have been a reason I didn't post it then (which I cant remember), So have mercy if the me from 3 years back is wiser than the me now.

Blog Post Begins:

"Malaysia, beautiful Malaysia"

I still remember the opening lines of my primary school's national choral speaking performance. Though that was from 12 years ago I honestly believe that those words still hold true.

The thing that got me writing this entry was because of the recent implementation of the singing of The Negaraku  in cinemas before movies for the week leading up to Malaya's Independence day. I am honestly surprised at all the comments and criticism it is getting and i can't understand it at all. I recently came across this article in malaysiakini:

And i must say it disturbed me.

The author pointed out how it was indeed a noble intention but was somewhat trying to force a response from its citizens to be proud of its country. He went on to point at all the sore points for Malaysian citizens and implied that its quite impossible to be proud of the country at this point in time because of the system.

But I'd beg to differ. Maybe its just how i was brought up or maybe I'm just a bit weird. But why not sing the anthem with pride? The core of singing The Negaraku is not pride, but rather love for the country. It has never depended on the state of my homeland because my homeland is and forever is my one and only home which i love. The emotion of pride does not stem from what my country has achieved. If it did, only few countries have a right to be proud. It gives more reason to be proud but pride comes from deeper things than that. Its common human experience. When you put your heart and soul into something, it doesn't quite matter what the outcome is as long as you've done what you could, you'd feel the pride of accomplishing something that is yours. It is about ownership.

Maybe we've not sung the National Anthem for so long waiting for 'pride' to kick in that we've forgotten the lyrics.

"Tanah tumpahnya darahku"

So come this 31st August or 16 September (It really doesn't matter, if you need a day to feel patriotic i doubt its true patriotism, both days are equally important), let's change our mindset. Why not focus on the beautiful and stop the negative rants on the net. Why not try to mend a relationship with someone of a different race or religion rather than sharing stories of silly politicians? Why not consider going into politics instead of sitting around waiting for 'right' candidates to vote for? Why not just sing the Negaraku because its your National Anthem and not criticize about why it won't work? Not liking some parts of your country doesn't change the fact that its yours.

I love Malaysia warts and all. That's why I'm going to stick around and do what I can. If you'd ask me to sing the National Anthem, I wouldn't care who asked me to or for what reason. Why not? It is my song. Now ask the question, is it yours?

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