Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memories to cherish

Iskandarians finally had our outing!!! yay =)

It was kinda rushed... it was last minute... but it went very very well =)


I really have to thank mc and xy for taking the initiative to plan this thing. I really really appreciate their effort!! Believe me it isn't easy. Basic prerequisites include patience, patience and more patience. I don't have much of that i suppose.

Anyway, i tumpang-ed xy that day and we were early hahha.. very early.. mc was late lol. We found a nice spot and set up. One by one they came.. mc, mandy, kc and then the 'injured' devar. Then was makan time =) sandwiches salad jelly ... not bad huh? All of the sudden i found myself surrounded by childish kids playing with a water gun -_-"

At abt 11 when it started to get hot we went to jusco!! Met up with wei liang, Siva and Kumar for some bowling.. Very happy i could manage a 3 digit score =) but still only placed 3rd haha... they were lucky today.. siva and mc... can't believe it haha...

After lunch it was time for badminton... another platform for Siva to show off... pity Devar the most... even wei liang got a smash on the forehead... haha..

Really had a good time last thursday. Just good times in good company. I thank God that we had this chance to have fun because who knows when we will be meeting each other again.I really want to take this opportunity to wish all my friends from Iskandar all the best =) I really treasure the moments. In one way or another you guys have influenced me to be who i am today. And so i am forever indebted to you guys =) Love all of you !!

BTW, happy birthday to mc tomorrow =)
20 already, pls start acting it hahhaha have a good one God bless