Monday, April 18, 2011

skema from young..

I feel like blogging about something happy today. Seems like my blog has been an emo dump of late. Anyway, i don't quite know what to blog about that is happy...

I noticed how i like to look back on past experiences.. thinking of all the things i used to do and comparing them somewhat to what i do now. What i can say about my childhood was it was pleasant. Rather uneventful actually.. something which was pointed out to me recently. But still, i would classify it as carefree and sheltered. What i mostly remember was cycling around, watching tv and playing with lego.

All the while, I have great parents who disciplined me early.. as a result i was kind of the guy who follows rules to the dot.So, i mostly stayed out of mischief and was probably a teacher's pet @.@
Didn't quite understand what i was doing in school until about standard 3 which was when i started to take my studies a little more seriously.

I think that early upbringing was vital in shaping who i am now. Flash forward.. I'm still someone who follows rules quite religiously. For example, I still wear my matric card around campus.. I'm still me. There are changes... there are improvements as well. But fundamentally I'm still that little boy who wandered the hallways of SKTRJ with his hair uncombed. In a way I'm glad I'm still nerdy.. simple and optimistic. HAHA..

I don't really know the point of this post.. but I'm excited to see how my now will affect what I am to be... I have hopes and dreams and a general idea of who i want to be. I foresee excitement soon as my first year in UM draws to a close and as the events of my life unfold i will observe the shaping of myself. No matter what though I'll still bet my money on being nerdy haha.

Until i have better things to blog about...