Thursday, May 27, 2010

Give it time

Oh well, i didn't get it. The world isn't going to end. It would have been nice but i guess God has better plans.

Just wanted to update my blog.. since my last post was about the wait... Anyway, i always believe that God allows things to happen for a reason. Reminds me of a song from Joseph the Dreamer..

" You know better than i,
  You know the way,
  I've let go my need to know why,
  I'll take what answers you supply,
  For you know better than I."

Note to self: Look back and see God's great plans in action.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Wait

I've been waiting for close to 2 months now. But still there is no reply. The wait is agonizing.

Honestly, this whole Bank Negara experience has been very helpful and so far I feel it has been not so much about the scholarship but about personal development. I learned a lot during the interview process as well as meeting quite a few cool friends which i would never have had a chance to meet. Undeniably getting the scholarship would be awesome but I told myself long ago not to expect anything simply because I don't want to get disappointed. But just recently there was this rumor i heard that one of the guys from the interviews had got the call. ( means we people who did not get the call were rejected )

I felt something - a tinge of sadness and disappointment. And i started wondering whether I was who i thought and said I was. I always thought i could handle it well and be able to move on stronger without looking back at what might have been because what God has in store for me is way better.

But as it turns out I'm not there yet. Maybe I need to learn to deal with disappointment more and what better way to learn that experience it.

But I found out that it wasn't as we made it out to be.. The guy got the call because Bank negara needed to clarify some details. o.O

Anyway, the wait continues. I shall learn to be more patient. No matter what the outcome, i will do my best to accept it and hopefully this time I can handle it.