Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Man who moved the world

As facebook and tweeter feeds flood with messages of condolence and encouragement for one man, i am moved to write.

Lee Chong Wei.

I can only imagine what the Olympics gold meant for you. I can only imagine the unsaid burden of hopes of 28 million people. I can only imagine how heart wrenching it must be to be so close but yet so far. twice.

But even as the final shuttle struck the ground amidst euphoric screams, the silent cries of a man who gave his all was heard. It was deafening.

In the ensuing silence, the heart of a nation wept for the man who truly deserved the Olympic gold - The man who would go on to say

"I'm sorry."

In a way, i would ask what is there to be sorry about? He did everything humanly possible to do what he set out to do. Through pain, through injuries, through setbacks and even through criticism from a nation he single-handedly shouldered hopes for. After all this, he says sorry?

Truly there is nothing to be sorry about. But somehow there was something about that apology which reflected the man who won the hearts of not only the nation but even the world. Though not crowned the champion, this a man i would call a hero.

Acts Church puts it this way,
"Tonight something stirred the hearts of Malaysians. Champions are made in a second, Heroes lasts a lifetime."

I totally agree. 

I think something magical happened last night. The whole world was moved. Not just Malaysia but the neutrals and even the Chinese. I came across an fb status asking why God didn't bless the one who needed the blessing. A very valid question indeed. But if you'd open your eyes a bit bigger and see the aftermath of what happened, you'd realize He actually did. Lin Dan could never accomplish what Chong Wei did even with 3 more Olympics Golds under his belt. I don't know if this is applicable, but i remember Matthew 5:5 which says " Blessed are the humble for they will inherit the earth."

On a personal account, I'm reminded of the days when i used to watch then top malaysian Ong Ewe Hock play. Despite the fact that winning titles was not a norm, i think what inspired me most was the way he played and how he would go for every shuttle. Even if it meant ending up sprawling on the ground without a point. Nope definitely didn't win him titles. But I always remember picking up my racket not long after that.

Chong Wei has done the nation proud. Even if does not end with a gold medal or history being made. I'm pretty sure it has sparked many little boys and girls to pick up their racket. I for one am going to pick up mine.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Self Motivation?

Hello peeps...
My blog is dead... again...
tried to redesign it to get some inspiration to start blogging again since its between semesters...

Oh well.. i got this post out...
But its kinda late... hopefully i'll blog again soon... I must always remind myself on the reason why i blog.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

My thoughts on being Clean

Its been a long time.

Again i find myself in the situation to write about something i feel strongly about. Let's take a guess shall we? Of course, BERSIH 3.0.

Everyone has their own convictions. While thousands of Malaysians flocked to various areas to 'duduk bantah' i find myself unable to do so. Let me tell you why. It's not that I'm not for clean and fair elections because everyone is. But somehow i feel BERSIH has very subtly overstepped the line from being just about clean and fair elections to becoming increasingly anti-government. I just simply cannot make myself join a demonstration feeling the cause has been compromised and very much merged with an anti-government movement simply because I do not stand for the latter.

People may say I'm reading too much into things. But somehow i feel very much convicted of this and am always reminded of Romans 13:1 in spite of all the blatant corruption. This does not mean however that we should tolerate any evil dished out but speak out against such injustice. The thing we have to be careful with is how we do it that in our conduct we are blameless. I feel that BERSIH has not really exercised this caution in their statements and actions. But again, that's just my opinion of things.

Things that have been boiling my nerves recently:
1. Mainstream media and alternative media being unbelievably biased. Mainstream media i totally expected. Sorely disappointed with Malaysiakini for posting 'news' based on people's opinions which has been made to sound like facts. title is just so so wrong. and fact-finding mission team? invited by Anwar? biased not?

2. Treatment and hate for Police. They are human beings with emotions and feelings. They deserve compassion and to be empathised with. Generalizing all police as brutal is wrong, discriminative and backward. Look at things through their eyes for once.

3. 'BERSIH supporters' who say they are for clean and fair elections but are really just after the adrenaline rush from the experience. I came across this fb status describing how BERSIH 3.0 was great and that he/she wants to invite everyone to BERSIH 4.0. But really, if you have this cause in your heart, you would hope that changes will happen and there would be NO need for a BERSIH 4.0. Where does your focus lie?

Hmmm.. I really don't know how to respond anymore but i can't shake off what i feel about this. Seems that there is a lot of pressure for people to support this.

"What??! You don't support BERSIH?? you don't want clean elections??!!"

Anyhow, let's just pray for Malaysia. God loves Malaysia and He is still in control. Pray that God will also keep the intentions of BERSIH pure and at the same time continuously check our own stand and intentions.

Until next time....