Saturday, April 24, 2010


My sis came home today.... Look what she brought home...

My parents say her luggage multiplied O.o

Monday, April 12, 2010

La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose - Life in rosy hues

I was just listening to this song called La vie en rose and i was reminded of how moving music can be. Literally, it means life through pink-coloured glasses or life in pink. But my favourite translation would be life in rosy hues. So i thought I'd do some music appreciation.

I close my eyes and listen.

The music starts. I hear the sounds of the piano. Like water streaming - quick yet gentle and subtle. It sets my mind at ease. Like the slow flow of a river... my soul is at rest. And then, seamlessly the beautiful melody of the trumpet fills the air. Note by note with conviction but without imposing. Somehow i find myself along the sidewalk of a brick road. Just watching. Watching as the night sky is filled with a majestic crimson hue in splashes - almost like a painting. I stand there watching. Lovebirds hand in hand walking along the dusty pavement. He puts his arm around her and looks at her as though she were the only thing that mattered. In that brief moment, a fragment in time... he realizes that his world revolves around her. Her gentle eyes, windows to her soul... reveals the same things. Like kids, they laughed and giggled, whisper sweet nothings.

*They start to dance. Clumsy but elegant. With beautiful movement they swayed in unison all the while laughing and gazing into each other's eyes - like no one was watching. The song - words heartfelt sung like a love poem while no one was listening. Surely they were in love. Taking that leap of trust and faith like they've never been hurt. They were free like birds. No one to tell them how to live or who to live for. Just together like heaven on Earth.*

Smiling, they finally settled on a wooden bench exhausted but elated. They huddle close as she leans her head on his shoulders. They gaze into the crimson sky - trying to crystallize this moment in their memory forever. They watched the sky together until the sun set beyond the endless horizon.

La vie en rose.

-song ends-

Somehow i feel like i should spend some time writing a song =)

* * I rephrased Mark Twain

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