Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trying to stop time

It has been somewhat a tradition for my extended family to gather back in the place we all call home around this time of the year. And gosh, how i awaited times like these... But as i look back on these few years.. i realize how much times have changed. They used to come back the moment the school holidays start... but recently.. maybe only a week before Christmas..

Oh how i remember playing around the almost limitless confines of my gradma's house.. though the "playing" has progressed from ice and water to football to PS1 or even cards... Sadly though.. we seem to be skipping the whole "playing" part these days.. it seems as though we are getting too old.. What seemed like pretty parallel lives diverge and drift further as we find our own ways in life..

Much to the contrary, our relationships never seem to grow distant.. It has come to the point where we are so comfortable with each other that we just click no matter how much time stands between our meetings.. We practically grew up together.. and that's something i'm so thankful about..

I'm scared. Scared to think that someday we might not be able to meet up again.. scared to find that someday our paths will take us so far that they may never intersect again.. Scared.. to lose this gift... At this point of time, it feels like i'm on a ride that i never want to end..

Well, i think we would all go through a point in time like this.. I just felt like posting what i was feeling at the moment...

Etched in my memories... Christmas 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Defying Inertia

It has been some time since i last blogged and though I'm trying to blog as often as i can, i can never get over this blogger's inertia... (a more scientific term for laziness)

Inertia : the tendency to resist a change in motion

Yup.. just can't seem to get myself to blog... Its like a disease.. But anyway, here I am.. trying to keep my posts regular... So what's new i hear u ask.. well this holidays I've been pretty lazy ( i know its not new but just play along ok? ) .. haven't touched any of my books since that fateful Friday... On the bright side though, i haven't been a complete slob bumming around as well... i just came back from Young Writer's Camp!!!

Honestly, i really had a good time there. It was really something new and i don't regret going at all. Hmmm.. when u picture a writer's camp, what do you envision?? A camp full of bespectacled kids ranting about the latest books around?? Well i took it a step further - bepectacled, ranting, latest books, but most of all... playing lotsa word games (scrabble anyone??no? how about boggle? ) !!

But gosh... was I way off target.. they were just really cool guys who were just passionate about writing.... And in place of word games we actually simulated publishing our very own newspaper!! A whole new peek into journalism!! Well it was really cool to meet all these people who view writing like you do.. and our OWN NEWSPAPER??!! wow.. my group's paper was called The Toiletpaper!!

yup, proud toiletpaperian!! it was a totally new thing and i even got to interview this security guard nearby and who knew he had such a good story to tell!! But if i had to pick one thing that i loved the most about the camp, i guess it would be the people. They were just cool people.. even the editors and Uncle John the housemaster of Harvest Haven...

One of the best parts of the camp apart from the trip to Gua kandu ( you can read about that in arnan's blog The Next Chapter though the link doesn't really work) was the Writer's Slam... What on earth is that??!! that was my reaction too... Well, it was basically a time where we could just go up and read any piece of work wev'e written and the rest of us would give comments...
Kinda the ultimate torture for all writers out there huh? But i guess in a cool community like we have it was more of an encouragement.. Though i didnt go up, it was really cool to just listen to these people... 14 year olds at levels i'm not even close to... it can be intimidating.. but i guess to me i feel more inspired to write like these guys do...

Anyway.. to avoid writing "wordy" posts.. ive decided to end this post shortly..
Just some things to keep u looking at my post!! Try counting the number of times i said 'cool' and post it in my chatbox.. yea it was on purpose.. not really my style to repeat words but i noticed a trend while i was typing and instead of cracking my head for synonyms i tried this instead... yay!!

To end... this is just some of the taglines we used for our Toiletpaper Paper!!
  • Cheap yet Indispensible
  • News today, Used tomorrow
  • We get dirty but we get the job done
Some other suggestions
  • Swish and Swash
  • Keep in case you have the urge
Thats all!!


Just to make things interesting.. cool!~!