Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's the verdict??

I always knew I would return someday. I've always loved writing and facebook doesn't really cut it as an outlet for me.

The last time I posted, I was on the verge on entering the doorways of University Malaya and here I am now in the midst of my second semester. Oh how time flies.
Its been fun for the most part. The experiences have been draining but undoubtedly satisfying. Through it all  I've grown to love my course and my course mates, my college and my collegians and University Malaya has been kind so far.

Like what many have said before, campus life will be the time you get a glimpse of the so-called real world as you trudge carefully out of the cocoon you've been so comfortable in. So what's the verdict? (Also the title of the upcoming PKV Easter play) What is this glimpse that i have seen?

The one thing that strikes me the most is how much hurt, pain and sadness there is in the world. The disappointments I've seen are real and are scarring. Scars that are obvious by how people live so defensively, cautiously, paranoid even. How they tenaciously guard themselves from feeling the same hurts. Some losing hope in hope itself.

Maybe I've been blessed. Whatever hardships I've faced so far are not as remotely close to what people have faced. Probably why my life's optimism is looked upon with skeptical eyes. At times, I'm just left speechless. It's just sad when people just stop hoping for something better.

A stark contrast to how my life has been before is how friendship is treated like a one chance thing. You are my friend up until the point you wrong me. So fragile these friendships are. The picture I had previously was by no means all rosy and pleasant. But friendship was something you fought for, something you would scale the highest mountains for just a chance at patching up. It seems now that people would much rather throw it all away to save the heartache.

Sometimes, the more i think of it, the more depressing it is. But it just goes to show how much the world needs God. How much they are missing the message of forgiveness and love. I really hope that i can somehow show this to them. Things never seem right until you put God in the picture. Only then, you see the perfect picture.