Friday, July 31, 2009

A little speck

"It's about time isn't it??"
"Time for what??"
"Stop acting dumb.You know exactly what i mean and you know i know it."
"Okay, okay, you don't have to be so ... so ... never mind. Fine. I'll just do it. As long as you stop giving me that guilt-inducing look. Deal??"
"Hmmmm, *twiddle* I think I'll just do it tomorrow. We are coming online tomorrow aren't we?"
"You don't want to do it do you?? It's okay, just let your blog rot away. Disappointing your 10 registered followers time and again. You know just as well as i do (of course) that someday they'll just stop checking for updates and it will all just fade into oblivion. Oooh i just spotted a cyber rat chewing at your page!! Oh well. It is what it is."
"*silence* *cracks knuckles and types..* "
"Title... "

And so, as you can see, that was a little conversation between me and well.... the other me. I know what you're thinking! Of course it's possible! It happened in my head, well sorta. (No, I'm not crazy.) The other me is talking in yellow. Look at it! Ain't it pretty??

Somehow i feel like my blog seems to sound more and more like a broken record. It always seems to start with "I'm sorry it's been so long since my last update....".
Well, not like it was on purpose. To be exact, i haven't really been in the blogging mood of the late. Ironically, there has been tonnes of stories to tell.

Life has been tiring if not anything. But it has certainly been rewarding this past few months. I'm done with mid year exams and in fact trials are up soon. ( i really should start revising now) I did well, i think. 3 A's and an A-. CGPA 3.92 (cheh wah bangganya!!) Really kicking myself about PA. I did close to nothing to prepare for it with the other papers taking so much of my time. (more like nothing at all) Somehow my second paper saved me from the shame i deserve. Nevertheless it was all down to God's grace and i really thank him for it.

Well, for the past few months its been kinda monotonous. Go to school... come back from school... do homework... watch tv (lots) ...sleep... erm... yup in that order for months. The whole experience was sapping and at times i wondered what i was doing. It was like swimming across still waters for hours and hours and when you look up to see where you are... and all you see is an endless body of water surronding you. But then came our Muet Plays!!! Muahahahaha I see an island at last!!!

Not surprisingly, i "volunteered" to be the director. So much for being my island. Imagine the work i had to do!! but then i thought, " hey, it's the last time i'd get to do something like this" and everything didn't seem so gloomy after that. The parody of King Lear, chosen over the everybody-is-doing-it Romeo and Juliet was a blast!! Practice was equally as fun with Iskandarians being the typical people we are, filled the corridors of the form 6 block with laughter.
The day came and we made a clean sweep of all the prizes!!! (ahem) ... well, almost. Best Performance, best performer and best director!!! weeeeeeeeeee!!! So fun. Did i ever tell you that winning is fun?? Well, not the whole point. But it's still fun =)
After that day, i was refreshed. I got off my island energised and ready to swim another thousand miles.

You know, sometimes, in life you feel so small. When you look up into the night sky, and see the beautiful stars. The sheer size of the vast galaxy hits you and you feel tiny, unimportant. After all, I'm just a little speck. But then, you stare a little more and you realise another fact. He cares for me all the same. Together, the two realisations form something even more amazing. He cares for me even though physically, I'm nothing but a speck. He cares for me enough to send me a little motivation when i'm going through what seems like a mundane routine (how insignificant but yet...) - reminding me of the purpose in my life. Gosh, that makes me feel great.

I thank Him because He cares and loves. ( we sure are lucky)